Facilities and Grounds Manager - Deep Springs College
Wednesday, September 06, 2023 07:40 AM

Deep Springs College, a unique educational institution in the high desert of Eastern California, is actively seeking an experienced and proactive Facilities and Grounds Manager to maintain the facilities and grounds of our unique college in collaboration with a dynamic and motivated staff and student team. The successful candidate will ideally have journeyman-level skills in a trade and demonstrate competence and ingenuity in managing the residential infrastructure and physical resources of our campus and extensive grounds.

Job Summary

The Facilities and Grounds Manager's role is pivotal in maintaining and improving the physical environment of Deep Springs College. They ensure that the college's numerous structures and landscapes are well-maintained, ecologically-integrated, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, contributing significantly to the communities’ quality of life. Beyond this, the successful candidate will offer valuable mentorship and guidance to students through labor supervision thereby contributing to the college's holistic educational approach. This role is also integral to the college's long-term planning, sustainability, and resilience, by leading in critical areas that preserve the long-term value of the college property. They carry out the following responsibilities, with the help of a student maintenance team:

Key Responsibilities

1. Facilities Management:

a. Managing the potable water system and compliance with relevant state regulations.

b. Troubleshooting heating, electrical, and septic systems.

c. Identifying and managing general upkeep including painting, roofing, carpentry, windows, screens, etc.

d. Implementing our scheduled maintenance program for building and facilities.

e. Planning and maintaining grounds for campus and ranch landscaping and trees.

f. Repairing and construction of Campus and Ranch facilities, where needed.

g. Overseeing life safety systems routine maintenance performed by outside contractors.

h. Managing removal of trash and recycling from campus.

See full description at: https://obfst.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/MaintenanceManagerPositionAnnouncement2023-08-10.pdf