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TITLE: Operations Director

REPORTS TO: Executive Director


UPDATED: May 2021

BROAD FUNCTION: The Operations Director is responsible for overseeing the overall condition of the Institute’s natural and managed land and facilities. A strong background in stewardship/land management is required. Additionally, the Operations Director will assist with educational programs within his/her realm of expertise. This is a management and hands-on position.


  • Ensure the property is maintained in an ecologically functional condition.
  • Ensure the facilities are maintained and a proactive plan is in place for continued efficient and cost-effective operations. 
  • Oversee, produce, and manage an annual budget. 
  • Assist with strategic plan formulation and evaluation, ensuring progress is achieved and goals are met.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The Operations Director is accountable to the Executive Director.


  • Provide direction and assistance to the Stewardship Coordinator in maintaining the natural areas and trails in compliance with the Institute’s Natural Area Management Plan.
  • Work with the Facilities Manager to ensure the buildings and equipment are maintained and effectively managed.
  • Keep the Executive Director updated on all property and facility issues.
  • Ensure work is completed collaboratively with all departments to support effective operations.
  • Seek outside funding opportunities to support stewardship efforts.
  • Develop relationships with outside organizations and vendors to enhance and strengthen the Institute’s mission and vision.
  • Work with the Facilities Manager to establish safety protocols to comply with Institute and government requirements and provide training for employees as needed.
  • Work with the Stewardship Coordinator to develop and implement educational programming.
  • Assist with environmental and safety training for staff and volunteers as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.


  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people.
  • Degree in resource conservation, land management and/or biology with at least three years relevant experience.
  • Strong understanding and experience with facility maintenance.
  • Strong organizational and management abilities and oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency in the use of Geographic Information Systems.
  • Computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office and other appropriate software.
  • Commitment to the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute mission and vision.

ORGANIZATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: The Operations Director is charged with the oversight and management of the Institute’s property and facilities, working collaboratively with staff and others to ensure goals are achieved. He/she is also responsible for hands-on assistance with land management efforts and occasionally facilities projects.


  • Prepare and track a budget and operate within the framework of the approved budget.
  • Initiate and follow through on all strategic planning efforts needed to successfully complete job responsibilities.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY: The Operations Director is responsible for supervision and management of the Stewardship Coordinator and Facilities Manager, volunteers, and contractors as needed.

Full Job Description

Interested applicants should submit their resume and a cover letter to:

[email protected]


Michelle Skedgell, Executive Director
Pierce Cedar Creek Institute
701 W. Cloverdale Road
Hastings, MI 49058