Reserve Steward - McLaughlin Natural Reserve, Lower Lake, CA
Thursday, October 18, 2018 12:48 PM
The McLaughlin Reserve is a research station, used for University-level research and teaching, and supporting overnight and working facilities located on approximately 7000 acres of land in a rural/wild part of northern California.  We are seeking an individual skilled in manual work, interested in working and living in a rural area, and generally knowledgeable about natural history and ecology.

Job entails primarily facilities, equipment, and infrastructure maintenance, with seasonal land management work.  Facilities include standard stick-built and industrial buildings, equipment includes cars, trucks, tractors, and 2-cycle engine tools, and infrastructure includes roads and fences.

Job posting is located on UC Davis's website (see link below). Job location is in Lake County at the McLaughlin Natural Reserve (

To view the job posting or to apply, please go to: