How to Run a Field Station

Edited by Susan Lohr
April 2001

Contributors: (L to R): Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer, Susan Pettine, Ryan Stander, Susan Lohr, Camille Lohr (Junior Contributor), Bill Michener, Paul Siri,
Violet Handelman, Steve Tonsor, Allan Muth, Mark Stromberg, Sedra Shapiro, David Biesboer, Janet Ebaugh
Crested Butte, December 3, 2000

 NOTE: we are working on a new version of this document!  Your contributions are welcome. If you have ideas for new sections, or have example documents, please contact any OBFS Board Member.

A guide to operational policies and procedures for field stations and marine laboratories (FSMLs), funded by the National Science Foundation.

The purpose of the guide is to provide some information about standard operating procedures at FSMLs across the country. At least 40 FSML directors were involved in the initial elaboration of coverage for the operations manual.

The final product is a web-based document available online as PDFs that cover Planning, Administration, Programs, Facilities and Finances. Examples are provided for each section as part of the initial narrative.

Further specific examples are solicited from individual FSMLs.

Sample Documents: